Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Predicting the Packers Roster

Yeah, yeah, it may be too early to know who will be cut or not be back from the 2010 Packers, or even how many players available on the roster but here's my opinion:

QB (2) Rodgers, Flynn: Flynn stays because frankly he's much more important to us than any other team look for green bay to sign former Badger QB Scott Tolzien on the PS
RB (4) Grant, Jackson, Starks, Green: This could go down to 3 if Jackson wants too much money but he is the best blocking back on the team
FB (1) Kuhn: with the h-backs with Ryan Taylor and DJ Williams, Quinn Johnson and (sorry Colleen) Korey Hall's days are numbered in Green Bay
TE (5) Finely, Quarless, DJ Williams, Taylor, Crabtree: Williams and Taylor will be the H-backs, with Taylor playing mostly special teams and Williams on offense.
WR (4) Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Cobb: this number could go to 5 with either Swain or West or if Jones stays with the team as the 5th WR, but West will stay on the Practice Squad, plus Quarless could play that 5th WR spot.
LT (5) Clifton, Sherrod, Bulaga, Lang, Newhouse: Clifton has Rodgers for at least this year if he stays healthy if not Sherrod or Bulaga will have this position.
LG (4) Colledge, Lang, Schlauderaff, McDonald: Colledge will be back for a year under a tender, he is a solid guard.
C (2) Wells, McDonald: pretty self explanatory
RG (4): Sitton, Lang, Schlauderaff, McDonald: self explanatory Sitton is the best lineman we got
RT (3) Bulaga, Sherrod, Newhouse: self explanatory


LDE (5) Neal, Wilson, Wynn, Guy, Green: Possible that Jenkins comes back with a a lower salary but TT won't get into a bidding war.
NT (3) Raji, Green, Pickett: yeah pretty self explanatory
RDE (5) Pickett, Green, Wilson, Wynn, Guy: Self explanatory Guy could squeak into the roster based on depth
OLB (5) Matthews, Elmore, Zombo, Jones, Walden: depth is huge at this position because of Matthews not really having anyone behind him last year.
ILB Bishop, Hawk, Barnett, DJ Smith: Brandon Chillar may stay here if Barnett is cut or traded but Chillar is a liability in coverage (which ironically is why he was signed here)
CB(6) Woodson, Tramon Williams, Shields, House, Bush, Lee: Brandon Underwood is gone Lee may be as well, Bush stays as a special teams demon and can play both CB and Safety.
FS Collins, Bush, Peprah
SS Burnett, Peprah, Bush: Bigby could be here but he is more than likely gone.

Special teams is pretty self explanatory

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nnamdi (and why he's NOT coming to Titletown)

Free Agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha has stated that he wants to play possibly for Green Bay (he's friends with Woodson) and New York. Now, I'd love to have Nnamdi but Green Bay doesn't need him and he may be too expensive. Sure Charles Woodson could move to safety, but with Morgan Burnett, Nick Collins, Charlie Peprah and Anthony Smith's probable return to the team in 2011 (after of course the CBA is agreed upon), and not to mention Jarrett Bush can play safety if need be. The Packers are also set at CB with the emergence of Sam Shields and Tramon Williams last year and the selection of Davon House in the fourth round of the draft in April. So Nnamdi is a nice dream but it's not going to become reality.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching Up on Packers

Sorry it's been so long since the last post this thing called college took focus, among other things. So without further ado. catching up with some Packers stuff.
The packers drafted Cobb in the second (one of my mocks I actually had Cobb going to GB.) Most of the picks I loved (taking 2 TEs seems weird but they are more H-backs made since with the possible loss of Hall and possibly Johnson when that pesky lockout ends), I loved the House and Elmore picks and liked the Green pick. The Packers may be hotter than the heat that occurred here in Minnesota last week.

During a recent Brewers game, Aaron Rodgers stated in an interview he would ask Charles Woodson to possibly organize some player workouts. these may be minor but somehow I think this could help chemistry and help the rookies get accustomed to the schemes to the offense and defense.

We are 86 days away from opening night September 8th vs New Orleans

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Packers 2011 Schedule

Week 1: New Orleans (Thursday, September 8), NBC, 7:30
Week 2: @ Carolina (Sunday. September 18), FOX, Noon
Week 3 @ Chicago: (Sunday, September 25), FOX, 3:15
Week 4: Denver (Sunday, October 2) CBS, 3:15
Week 5: @ Atlanta (Sunday, October 9), NBC, 7:20
Week 6: St. Louis (Sunday, October 16), FOX, Noon
Week 7: @ Minnesota (Sunday, October 23), FOX, 3:15
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: @ San Diego (Sunday, November 6), FOX, 3:15
Week 10: Minnesota (Monday, November 14), ESPN, 7:30
Week 11: Tampa Bay (Sunday, November 20), FOX, Noon (Subject to Flex Schedule)
Week 12: @ Detroit (Happy Thanksgiving Packer Fans) (Thursday, November 24), FOX, 11:30 AM
Week 13: @ New York Giants (Sunday, December 4), FOX, 3:15 (Subject to Flex Schedule)
Week 14: Oakland (Sunday, December 11), CBS, Noon (Subject to Flex Schedule)
Week 15: @ Kansas City (Sunday, December 18), FOX, Noon (Subject to Flex Schedule)
Week 16: Chicago (Merry Christmas Packer Fans) (Sunday, December 25) , NBC, 7:20
Week 17: Detroit (Happy New Year Packer Fans) (Sunday, January 1), FOX, Noon (Subject to Flex Schedule)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mock Draft 4-15

Everything is the same from last week's draft except rounds 3 & 5.

Round 3 pick 96: Hawaii WR Greg Salas i do like Moch here but Salas is too good to pass up and it isn't a reach either.
Round 5 Pick 163 Mount Union WR Cecil Shorts: Ted loves the small school kids, plus Shorts can be a viable return guy.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Full Mock Draft 4-10

Round 1 pick 32: Villanova G/T Ben Ijalana Offensive line needs help Ijalana will help that helps at both tackle and Guard.
Round 2 pick 64 Iowa DE Christian Ballard Defensive line needs some more depth, Ted will do that. Randal Cobb is another good pick here.
Round 3 pick 96
Nevada OLB Dontay Moch Raw but can be coached better see Sam Shields
Round 4 pick 129 BPA, Probably some guy that no ones ever heard of.
Round 4 pick 131
Joe Lefeged, FS/SS/KR Rutgers Depth at saftey check returner check.
Round 5: Greg McElroy QB Alabama, drafting McElroy may be a smart choice because he could be a good QB to develop if/when/once Matt Flynn leaves town.
Round 6: I don't know who Ted drafts here but i wouldn't be shocked if he takes a DB here like SDSU's (South Dakota not San Diego) Cole Brodie, killing two birds with 1 stone DB depth and a KR. I wouldnt be shocked if Ted goes Guard or DE either.
Round 7 (a) (from Carolina for LS J.J. Jansen) Zach Pianalto TE, UNC Green Bay has 3 TEs (4 with Havner but he'll be cut) a little depth won't hurt especially if #88 goes down again. was hurt in october but has experience in a pro-style offense and is a good blocker.
Round 7 (b): I could see a RB like Devine or a WR like Shaky Smithson from Utah or Frenso St WR Jamel Hamler.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Order the Cheeseheadtv draft guide!

The wonderful people at cheeseheadtv have put together an excellent NFL Draft Guide. It features a mock draft, and their top 100 and position rankings. You guys can order one here for 5 bucks.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Packers and Favre...All we need is a little Patience

Now I've been thinking about doing this comparing some nasty splits in both music and the Favre divorce. I finally got one...the feud between Slash (formerly of Guns N' Roses now solo and with Velvet Revolver) and his former bandmate singer Axl Rose. Slash seems to be doing well and moved on from Axl...perhaps Axl to an extent...somewhat like the Packers and Favre. thing is Guns N' Roses was great with Slash, Axl, Duff, Izzy, Matt and before Matt, Steven Adler. Much like Favre with the Packers neither Rose or Favre had the same success with their old mates (Favre's 09 season being an exception). Much like the Packers, Slash has moved on from their old guy and had success Slash reunited with Duff and Matt to form Velvet Revolver and found a guy that can sing really good for his solo act in Myles Kennedy of Alter Bridge...heck even Slash played with all the original members of Guns in his solo album (except for Rose) in 3 different songs. Sort of like the Packers in 3 season with Rodgers. Now don't get me wrong it will take time to heal all the wounds from Favre's thing (not his dong you pervs!) but more his Axl like ego. As with both I hope the Appetite For Destruction Guns N' Roses reunited (hopefully for AFD's 25th anniversary in 2012) and that the Packers and Favre mend everything else. I guess as GN'R's song goes "all we need is a little Patience.

Packers on Twitter

So WFRV asked me (well more or less I volunteered to) to make a list of Packers on twitter... (twitter handle in parentheses) players in no particular order

Adrian Battles (@AdrianBattles64)
Atari Bigby (@20ataribigby)
Aaron Rodgers (@AaronRodgers12)
Anthony Smith (@antkingsmith)
Clay Matthews (@claymatthews52)
Nick Barnett (@nickbarnett)
Ryan Grant (@ryangrant25)
Nick Collins (@nickthepick36)
Tramon Williams (@highrizer38)
Jermichael Finley (@JermichaelF88)
Sam Shields (@stickyshields9)
Greg Jennings (@GregJennings)
Anthony Levine (@levine_6)
Bryan Bulaga (@BBulaga)
Mike Neal (@mneal96)
Diyral Briggs (@bigbaby_50)
Desmond Bishop (@desbishop55)
Quinn Johnson (@QuinnJohnson_45)
CJ Wilson (@cjwilson95)
Tom Crabtree (TCrabtree83)
Tim Masthay (@TimMasthay)
[EDIT] Josh Gordy on too (@4_flat)

This is a total of 23 Packers most of this list is available at
UPDATE 4/17 A more complete list can be found here

Monday, March 28, 2011

Mock Draft Rounds 4-7

Round 4 (a) Edmund Gates WR Abilene Christian this may be a good pick in round 3 at 96 but if Gates lasts this long Green Bay will snatch him up. Other options are WR Lester Jean from Florida Atlantic WR Jermey Kerley from TCU. I wouldn't be surprised if Ted trades this pick to get higher and maybe nab Gates before the NFC North Rivals do. Ted may trad Chillar to someone.
Round 4 (b) (compensatory pick for DE Aaron Kampman) The only pick the Packers cannot trade away I wouldn't be shocked if the Packers draft a TE here or a LB like much of this draft BPA here. maybe Joe Lefeged, FS/SS/KR from Rutgers which will provide a returner and some depth at safety.
Round 5: Greg McElroy QB Alabama, drafting McElroy may be a smart choice because he could be a good QB to develop if/when/once Matt Flynn leaves town.
Round 6: I don't know who Ted drafts here but i wouldn't be shocked if he takes a DB here like SDSU's (South Dakota not San Diego) Cole Brodie, killing two birds with 1 stone DB depth and a KR. I wouldnt be shocked if Ted goes Guard or DE either.
Round 7 (a) (from Carolina for LS J.J. Jansen) Zach Pianalto TE, UNC Green Bay has 3 TEs (4 with Havner but he'll be cut) a little depth won't hurt especially if #88 goes down again. was hurt in october but has experience in a pro-style offense and is a good blocker.
Round 7 (b): Isaac Odim RB Minnesota Duluth, The Packers don't need a RB (well kinda) but a running back like Odim may be a steal here he can return kicks and may be a nice spell for Starks if Ryan Grant chooses to leave Green Bay after next season. More than likely Odim will go undrafted but I like him here. BPA will be the choice here.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Packers Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

Round 1: OLB Akeem Ayers, ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay have the Packers taking Arizona OLB Brooks Reed but that may be a bit of a reach Ayers may be a better pick here. Other possible picks here are Miami (FL) WR Leonard Hankerson or Villanova OT Ben Ijalana Ted hasn't drafted a guard higher than the second round.
Round 2: WR/RB/QB/KR Randall Cobb, Cobb may be the threat the packers need and may be a Randle El or possibly Desean Jackson or Percy Harvin guy who can be a wildcat QB. Look for Guard here too. Iowa DE Christian Ballard is a possibility here too
Round 3: OLB Dontay Moch: Ted decides to go to G in the first Moch could be the athlete green bay wants at OLB opposite Clay Matthews. Moch is a bit raw but very athletic and it could help being coach by Kevin Greene. Other possibilities are Randall Cobb (who seems more of a round 2-3 guy) and WR Edmund Gates from Abilene Christian, RB Jaquizz Rodgers from Oregon State,
WR Dwayne Harris from East Carolina, and WR Jerrel Jernigan from Troy.

Round 4-7 tomorrow

Packers Draft Order

Round 1, Pick 32
Round 2, Pick 64
Round 3, Pick 96
Round 4, Pick 129
Round 4, Pick 131 (compensatory pick for DE Aaron Kampman)
Round 5, Pick 163
Round 6, Pick 197
Round 7, Pick 204 (from Carolina in trade for LS J.J. Jansen)
Round 7, Pick 233

I would not be surprised if Ted Thompson goes takes a WR within the first 3 rounds along with DE, OLB, and OL.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A few thoughts on Jolly

WARNING: contains language not suitable for all readers reader discretion is advised

Johnny Jolly: You sir are a fucking moron. You see yesterday you reportedly were arrested again for possession of codeine. This arrest carries an automatic up to 20 years in prison. You just fucked up your chance to play in the NFL, a dream many people want. You fucked up and are probably losing 20 fucking years of your live. I was hoping you would learn. You just took a huge shit on my hope. You pissed away millions of dollars and will never will see yourself play in Green Bay ever again. Oh well...enjoy prison not like the Packers needed you to win a championship. As Ron White once said You can't fix stupid. You sir are the prime example of how you can't fucking fix stupid.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Packers to Attend University of Minnesota-Duluth Pro Day to Scout RB Isaac Odim

The Packers will be one of at least two teams at the April 7 pro day at Minnesota-Duluth to primary to get a look at RB Isaac Odim, according to Odim in a tweet sent to me:
"Not quite sure yet. Packers and Vikings for sure tho. Maybies on chiefs, patriots, jets, falcons. Trying to spread the word."

I have stated that Odim is a late round pick but could possibly be the biggest steal of the draft.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

1st Round Draft Targets: Wide Reciever

It is almost given the Top 2 guys at this position (Georgia's AJ Green and Alabama's Julio Jones) will be off the board and it is a need with Jones potentially leaving and Driver's age here are some other guys to keep an eye on.
Torrey Smith, Maryland: Smith is the all-time leader in return yardage in ACC history the only issue i have with him is he catches with his body not his hands but perhaps Bennett and the Vets can help him with that he ran a 4.43 at the combine however he his similar to a Heyward-Bey.
Leonard Hankerson, Miami (FL): Hankerson like smith ran a 4.43 at the combine but I believe he is a better reciever and if availible he should be a good pick.
Titus Young, Boise State: A very good WR and KR at BSU young may be a good pick for green bay to help their special teams. Young is 5'11 174
Randall Cobb WR/RB/QB/KR, Kentucky: Cobb has been projected as anywhere from a fourth to a first he may be the sparkplug the Packers need, similar to Desean Jackson or Percy Harvin. Cobb is 5'10, 191 so he is around the size of Greg Jennings. Cobb is one of the steals of the draft in my opinion.

Friday, February 25, 2011

1st round Draft Targets: Outside Linebacker

Here are some draft targets that may be available to The Packers at 32. Von Miller and Missouri OLB Aldon Smith will most likely be gone.
Justin Houston, Gerogia: probably the third best OLB behind Miller and Smith and possible Akeem Ayers from UCLA. About the same size as Clay Matthews. Like Matthews biggest assest is rushing the passer could be an excellent pick to use and possibly get a harrison/woodley like OLB tandem.
Akeem Ayers, UCLA Ayers is a great prospect but he lacks pass rushing technique something Houston may have but maybe Kevin Green can help him get that he is a good coverage guy (six picks 2 for TDs) however Houston may be my guy if I'm Ted Thompson.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember when...

Remember when I told you Isaac Odim could be the steal in the draft well he's gonna be hes got a nfl worth ethic that could mirror James Starks (both were and Odim is coming off injuries that ended their senior campaigns). Odim also can prove to be that spark the Packers need on special teams too (averaged 36 yards/return in 2009). He could be a dangerous screen guy too (had 2,500 All-Purpose yds and 33 TDs in 09) he had 1800 rushing yards. Oh, and did I mention he's a winner (won the NJCAA D-III National Championship at RCTC and is a two-time NCAA D-II National Champion).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stop the Comparisons!

Really, JUST STOP the comparisons to the last guy saw this graphic on sportcenter (Photo courtesy ESPN).

As you can see Rodgers has a better W-L, 1,739 more passing yards, 17 more TDs, 25 FEWER picks, a higher passer rating and a better playoff W-L (Rodgers has as many road wins right now as Favre had his entire career.)


Game Balls Super Bowl Style

It's been a while since we did one of these but for the biggest game I feel like i need to do one of these

1st Game ball goes to Ted Thompson he constructed this team and with the help of Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy brought a championship back to Green Bay

2nd Game ball Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers Rodgers and Nelson hooked up for 9 of Rodgers 24 completions for 140 if it wasn't for a few Jordy drops Nelson could easily had 12 receptions for 200 yards.
3rd Game Ball Jarrett Bush Bush played extremely well on special teams and ok on D (if not for losing Hines Ward on the TD at the end of the 1st half he would have had a very good day on D)
4th Game Ball goes to Dom Capers just like he's done all year when Woodson and Shields went out with injury he kept playing his D plugging people in and it worked yet again


You heard it right this is the last Packers Transplants episode on of the season I will be in the chat but join Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke and the rest of the CHTV and Cheesehead Radio crew with special guest TE Tom Crabtree and a mystery guest to talk about the WORLD CHAMPION Packers.

Packers Draft needs: CB (1st round only)

Here are some possible targets the packers could go after in the 1st round
Jimmy Smith DB, Colorado: At 6'2 205 Smith is about the size of Charles Woodson and is projected to run the 40 in 4.49 and we all know the Packers need depth at DB. Smith can play either corner or Safety. Smith is the 4th best DB in the country according to NFL Draft Scout and is a projected 1st or 2nd round pick. at Safety Smith is about the size of of Adrian Wilson.
Brandon Harris CB, Miami (FL): Harris is about the size of Tramon Williams or Josh Gordy (Harris is 5'11 195) he may prove to be an excellent pickup but will probably be a return specialist (returned kicks his first two years at Miami) or a dime back and play nickle or start opposite Tramon Williams once Charles Woodson moves to S or retires.
Aaron Williams CB, Texas: At 6'1, 195 he is the height of Woodson and the weight of tramon Williams he is one of the top corners in the draft and is a projected 1st rounder he does struggle in run support but that can be fixed.
Curtis Brown CB, Texas: Brown is 6'0 184 but he could be switched to WR if need be. Brown is very fast as his projected 40 is a 4.42 but could be as low as 4.34. He could be a return specialist the Packers need desperately.
Ras-I Dowling CB, Virginia: Dowling is about the same size as Jimmy Smith but battled injuries in 2010 he may be worth the risk for Ted to take.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ten (Fifteen) Commandments

I came up with a list, along with Colleen at Pocket Doppler (@foundinidaho on twitter), among others on twitter with the 10, well really 15 commandments of Packers fans
1. Thou shalt not cheer for the Vikings or Bears (or Lions!)
2. Thou shalt drinketh beer from thine holy land
3. Thou shalt love thy packers as thine family
4. Thou shalt not Favre (thou shalt not texteth thy schlong to women, thou shalt not be a douche)
5. Honor thy Ted, Mike and Vince
6. Thou shalt not covet thy bears or vikings fans (see commandment #1)
7. Thou shalt do the raji (see the Teach me how to Raji video)
8. Thou shalt make at least one pilgrimage to holy Lambeau
9. Thine women must love at least one player on thine team
10. Thou shalt respect old vets and love as thine father (see commandment #3)
11. Thou shalt do the matthews sack dance
12. Thou shalt do title belt after extraordinary feat (good grade, promotion, scoring hot woman)
13. Thou shalt wear title belt with pride
14. Thou shalt be up to date on Packers ie cheeseheadtv, JSonline,, GB-PG,etc
15. Thou shalt knoweth thy packers lore if thine were at thy game. ie ice bowl, snow bowl, mud bowl, 2010 NFC championship

Honorable Mentions
16. Thou shalt not waste alcohol (see Commandment #2)
17. Thou shalt not bitch about cold weather
18. Thou shalt do the lambeau leap
19. Thou shalt bleed green and gold
20. Thou shalt knoweth previous players (at least 1 or 2) from 1920's to 1980's

Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Beat the Steelers...and the blueprint the Patriots provided

A few days (or hours) after the Packers and Steelers I was watching ESPN and they were talking about how to beat the Steelers and went back to the meeting in Week 10 between the Patriots and Steelers. The Patriots put 39 points on the top-ranked scoring defense. How did the Pats do it? Simple had a balanced attack of run and pass and spread the field. You know who's good at spreading the field? The Packers. The Patriots also had over 100 yards rushing in the game against the #1 Rushing defense in the NFL. I believe the Packers can win this game by getting to Big Ben and bring him down, spreading the Steelers D and running the ball but sometimes things are better said than done.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New OT (Playoffs Only) Rules

As most of us know starting this weekend there will be new overtime rules for the postseason. I will give the Packers-Eagles game as an refresher of the rules:
The Packers win the toss recieve and kick a field goal the game is NOT over unless the Packers stop the Eagles. the Packers score a touchdown, the game is over. The Packers punt or turn the ball over (such as fumbling the kickoff) Eagles kick a field goal the game is over. If both teams kick a field goal or fail to score the game becomes sudden death. A safety wins the game. An Onside kick recovered by the kicking team does mean the game is over if the team kicks a FG.

Hope this clarifies the rule.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Packers that will not be back

(Note: this list does include players on IR)

LB Nick Barnett: as much as I love him on twitter, he is injured far too often look for Ted to try and trade him for picks in the draft. Plus with the recent signing of Desmond Bishop i think he goes and Hawk stays.
WR James Jones: Jones is too inconsistent and I am uncomfortable having him as a possible replacement for Driver. Jones is a Free Agent after the year so if he wants to start (which he is fully capable of) he will walk and sign elsewhere maybe St. Louis.
S Atari Bigby: Bigby, like Barnett is injured far too often and hasn't been any where near his 2007 self he goes and the Packers choose to keep Peprah to backup Morgan Burnett.
Coach Shawn Slocum: The special teams play last week against the Bears was good but over the course of the year it has been atroicous look for Slocum to be fired after the season.