Friday, February 25, 2011

1st round Draft Targets: Outside Linebacker

Here are some draft targets that may be available to The Packers at 32. Von Miller and Missouri OLB Aldon Smith will most likely be gone.
Justin Houston, Gerogia: probably the third best OLB behind Miller and Smith and possible Akeem Ayers from UCLA. About the same size as Clay Matthews. Like Matthews biggest assest is rushing the passer could be an excellent pick to use and possibly get a harrison/woodley like OLB tandem.
Akeem Ayers, UCLA Ayers is a great prospect but he lacks pass rushing technique something Houston may have but maybe Kevin Green can help him get that he is a good coverage guy (six picks 2 for TDs) however Houston may be my guy if I'm Ted Thompson.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Remember when...

Remember when I told you Isaac Odim could be the steal in the draft well he's gonna be hes got a nfl worth ethic that could mirror James Starks (both were and Odim is coming off injuries that ended their senior campaigns). Odim also can prove to be that spark the Packers need on special teams too (averaged 36 yards/return in 2009). He could be a dangerous screen guy too (had 2,500 All-Purpose yds and 33 TDs in 09) he had 1800 rushing yards. Oh, and did I mention he's a winner (won the NJCAA D-III National Championship at RCTC and is a two-time NCAA D-II National Champion).

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stop the Comparisons!

Really, JUST STOP the comparisons to the last guy saw this graphic on sportcenter (Photo courtesy ESPN).

As you can see Rodgers has a better W-L, 1,739 more passing yards, 17 more TDs, 25 FEWER picks, a higher passer rating and a better playoff W-L (Rodgers has as many road wins right now as Favre had his entire career.)


Game Balls Super Bowl Style

It's been a while since we did one of these but for the biggest game I feel like i need to do one of these

1st Game ball goes to Ted Thompson he constructed this team and with the help of Mark Murphy and Mike McCarthy brought a championship back to Green Bay

2nd Game ball Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers Rodgers and Nelson hooked up for 9 of Rodgers 24 completions for 140 if it wasn't for a few Jordy drops Nelson could easily had 12 receptions for 200 yards.
3rd Game Ball Jarrett Bush Bush played extremely well on special teams and ok on D (if not for losing Hines Ward on the TD at the end of the 1st half he would have had a very good day on D)
4th Game Ball goes to Dom Capers just like he's done all year when Woodson and Shields went out with injury he kept playing his D plugging people in and it worked yet again


You heard it right this is the last Packers Transplants episode on of the season I will be in the chat but join Aaron Nagler and Corey Behnke and the rest of the CHTV and Cheesehead Radio crew with special guest TE Tom Crabtree and a mystery guest to talk about the WORLD CHAMPION Packers.

Packers Draft needs: CB (1st round only)

Here are some possible targets the packers could go after in the 1st round
Jimmy Smith DB, Colorado: At 6'2 205 Smith is about the size of Charles Woodson and is projected to run the 40 in 4.49 and we all know the Packers need depth at DB. Smith can play either corner or Safety. Smith is the 4th best DB in the country according to NFL Draft Scout and is a projected 1st or 2nd round pick. at Safety Smith is about the size of of Adrian Wilson.
Brandon Harris CB, Miami (FL): Harris is about the size of Tramon Williams or Josh Gordy (Harris is 5'11 195) he may prove to be an excellent pickup but will probably be a return specialist (returned kicks his first two years at Miami) or a dime back and play nickle or start opposite Tramon Williams once Charles Woodson moves to S or retires.
Aaron Williams CB, Texas: At 6'1, 195 he is the height of Woodson and the weight of tramon Williams he is one of the top corners in the draft and is a projected 1st rounder he does struggle in run support but that can be fixed.
Curtis Brown CB, Texas: Brown is 6'0 184 but he could be switched to WR if need be. Brown is very fast as his projected 40 is a 4.42 but could be as low as 4.34. He could be a return specialist the Packers need desperately.
Ras-I Dowling CB, Virginia: Dowling is about the same size as Jimmy Smith but battled injuries in 2010 he may be worth the risk for Ted to take.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ten (Fifteen) Commandments

I came up with a list, along with Colleen at Pocket Doppler (@foundinidaho on twitter), among others on twitter with the 10, well really 15 commandments of Packers fans
1. Thou shalt not cheer for the Vikings or Bears (or Lions!)
2. Thou shalt drinketh beer from thine holy land
3. Thou shalt love thy packers as thine family
4. Thou shalt not Favre (thou shalt not texteth thy schlong to women, thou shalt not be a douche)
5. Honor thy Ted, Mike and Vince
6. Thou shalt not covet thy bears or vikings fans (see commandment #1)
7. Thou shalt do the raji (see the Teach me how to Raji video)
8. Thou shalt make at least one pilgrimage to holy Lambeau
9. Thine women must love at least one player on thine team
10. Thou shalt respect old vets and love as thine father (see commandment #3)
11. Thou shalt do the matthews sack dance
12. Thou shalt do title belt after extraordinary feat (good grade, promotion, scoring hot woman)
13. Thou shalt wear title belt with pride
14. Thou shalt be up to date on Packers ie cheeseheadtv, JSonline,, GB-PG,etc
15. Thou shalt knoweth thy packers lore if thine were at thy game. ie ice bowl, snow bowl, mud bowl, 2010 NFC championship

Honorable Mentions
16. Thou shalt not waste alcohol (see Commandment #2)
17. Thou shalt not bitch about cold weather
18. Thou shalt do the lambeau leap
19. Thou shalt bleed green and gold
20. Thou shalt knoweth previous players (at least 1 or 2) from 1920's to 1980's