Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Predicting the Packers Roster

Yeah, yeah, it may be too early to know who will be cut or not be back from the 2010 Packers, or even how many players available on the roster but here's my opinion:

QB (2) Rodgers, Flynn: Flynn stays because frankly he's much more important to us than any other team look for green bay to sign former Badger QB Scott Tolzien on the PS
RB (4) Grant, Jackson, Starks, Green: This could go down to 3 if Jackson wants too much money but he is the best blocking back on the team
FB (1) Kuhn: with the h-backs with Ryan Taylor and DJ Williams, Quinn Johnson and (sorry Colleen) Korey Hall's days are numbered in Green Bay
TE (5) Finely, Quarless, DJ Williams, Taylor, Crabtree: Williams and Taylor will be the H-backs, with Taylor playing mostly special teams and Williams on offense.
WR (4) Jennings, Driver, Nelson, Cobb: this number could go to 5 with either Swain or West or if Jones stays with the team as the 5th WR, but West will stay on the Practice Squad, plus Quarless could play that 5th WR spot.
LT (5) Clifton, Sherrod, Bulaga, Lang, Newhouse: Clifton has Rodgers for at least this year if he stays healthy if not Sherrod or Bulaga will have this position.
LG (4) Colledge, Lang, Schlauderaff, McDonald: Colledge will be back for a year under a tender, he is a solid guard.
C (2) Wells, McDonald: pretty self explanatory
RG (4): Sitton, Lang, Schlauderaff, McDonald: self explanatory Sitton is the best lineman we got
RT (3) Bulaga, Sherrod, Newhouse: self explanatory


LDE (5) Neal, Wilson, Wynn, Guy, Green: Possible that Jenkins comes back with a a lower salary but TT won't get into a bidding war.
NT (3) Raji, Green, Pickett: yeah pretty self explanatory
RDE (5) Pickett, Green, Wilson, Wynn, Guy: Self explanatory Guy could squeak into the roster based on depth
OLB (5) Matthews, Elmore, Zombo, Jones, Walden: depth is huge at this position because of Matthews not really having anyone behind him last year.
ILB Bishop, Hawk, Barnett, DJ Smith: Brandon Chillar may stay here if Barnett is cut or traded but Chillar is a liability in coverage (which ironically is why he was signed here)
CB(6) Woodson, Tramon Williams, Shields, House, Bush, Lee: Brandon Underwood is gone Lee may be as well, Bush stays as a special teams demon and can play both CB and Safety.
FS Collins, Bush, Peprah
SS Burnett, Peprah, Bush: Bigby could be here but he is more than likely gone.

Special teams is pretty self explanatory

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nnamdi (and why he's NOT coming to Titletown)

Free Agent CB Nnamdi Asomugha has stated that he wants to play possibly for Green Bay (he's friends with Woodson) and New York. Now, I'd love to have Nnamdi but Green Bay doesn't need him and he may be too expensive. Sure Charles Woodson could move to safety, but with Morgan Burnett, Nick Collins, Charlie Peprah and Anthony Smith's probable return to the team in 2011 (after of course the CBA is agreed upon), and not to mention Jarrett Bush can play safety if need be. The Packers are also set at CB with the emergence of Sam Shields and Tramon Williams last year and the selection of Davon House in the fourth round of the draft in April. So Nnamdi is a nice dream but it's not going to become reality.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching Up on Packers

Sorry it's been so long since the last post this thing called college took focus, among other things. So without further ado. catching up with some Packers stuff.
The packers drafted Cobb in the second (one of my mocks I actually had Cobb going to GB.) Most of the picks I loved (taking 2 TEs seems weird but they are more H-backs made since with the possible loss of Hall and possibly Johnson when that pesky lockout ends), I loved the House and Elmore picks and liked the Green pick. The Packers may be hotter than the heat that occurred here in Minnesota last week.

During a recent Brewers game, Aaron Rodgers stated in an interview he would ask Charles Woodson to possibly organize some player workouts. these may be minor but somehow I think this could help chemistry and help the rookies get accustomed to the schemes to the offense and defense.

We are 86 days away from opening night September 8th vs New Orleans