Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A short introduction..

Hello Packer nation, I just want to do a short introduction on myself before I start blogging so you guys can know me a little better.My name is Brandon Blake, I am 24 years old and I live in the heart of Cheesehead nation in Green Bay, WI. I adore anything Packers and can talk you ear off if you bring them up. I attend Packers Training Camp every year at least a dozen times every since I was about 10 years old. You may ask if I was one of the bike riders and yes, I was. One of my prized players I got to ride with was Aaron Brooks! I love anything sports but Packers are my one and true love. Also I'm an outdoor person and a big into personal fitness. I work a pretty demanding job, so between working long hours and traveling over an hour a day to and from work, running errands, cleaning the house and sleeping, the Green Bay Packers are the only thing that keep me sane!
I am here to bring some serious Packers talk to you guys. Feel free to ask me any questions as I will answer to the best of my knowledge or I will point you to someone who can. I look forward to being a contributor in the Packers Daily Line and cant wait to hear what grinds your gears about our Green Bay Packers. GO PACK

Also if you guys would like to follow me on Facebook or on Twitter, I have included my personals! Happy blogging!

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