Thursday, November 18, 2010

Which Packers Are Pro Bowl Bound?

With the half way point of the season upon us, we can now see who the real playmakers out there are and who are the ones who just lay in the weeds getting by each week. I would like to discuss which 3 Packers deserve to be Pro Bowl Bound come the end of the year..

Clay Matthews- Well I don't even know if I really need to justify myself on saying as to WHY "The Predator" needs to be on this list. Clay leads the league with 10.5 sacks and has missed an entire game and almost an entire half due to an injury. After Clay went out against Washington, we all saw what he brought to the table because NO ONE was able to get any pressure on McNabb. He is just a different breed of player out there. He is unmatchable when it comes to blocking him one on one and even when you do put 2 people on him, his presence is still felt because your taking away one extra blocker and there is someone out there unblocked and weather that unblocked player is rushing the QB, assisting for double coverage on a top tier wideout or just filling in a zone where the QB cant throw the ball, his presence is felt. Clay is easily the best pass rusher in the game and one of the best we have seen in years.

Tramon Williams- Tramon has 3 interceptions and has 12 passes defended so far in 9 games. He is matched up with teams #1 wideout most of time and forces the QB to look else where because of his ability to stay step for step with his player in coverage. If you watch him closely, he tends to "squat" down when he plays in zone, making his body less visible and able to jump crossing routes coming towards him because he is on his toes and has that ability to "spring" towards the oncoming defender. This is something alot of players don't have the knowledge of "making himself small" His play has been the reason as to why the Packers have been able to release Al Harris with no worries of any risk of fall off at corner.

Charles Woodson- 53 total tackles, 1 sack, 2 ints with 1 returned 48 yards for a TD, 7 passes defended and 3 forced fumbles all done in 9 games. Oh yeah, he is also 34 years old. Woodson is not getting as much recognizing as Clay is, but no body has seen a person like Clay since, dare I say Lawrence Taylor! Woodson is quietly having a Pro Bowl type season and unless his play drops of dramatically, you can be sure to see him in Hawaii come the week before the Super Bowl.

Yes I know some of you might think I'm crazy because I did not put Aaron Rodgers in this discussion for Pro Bowl, but to be quite honest with you, he does not deserve it this year. Yes he is putting up good, not great numbers this year which to be quiet frankly, is what the Pro Bowl is all about and thats putting up gaudy numbers. They don't take into effect players lost due to injuries or teams getting a substantial lead early on and then relying on the running game the rest of the way. He is an elite QB in my eyes, but the NFC can only take 3 QBs with them and I don't see Rodgers as one of them. My prediction is Michael Vick, Drew Brees and Eli Manning to represent the NFC.

As you can see I voted no one from our offense and can you really blame me? Nobody has stuck out on our offense to be deserving of a vote to go. We are playing good football as a whole right now on offense. Major injuries to Jermichael Finley and Ryan Grant have put the brakes to our high powered offense that we could have had before those guys went down. Its hard to think what would have been but hey, what he have now is working and if it keeps getting us W's, who's to complain!


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  1. Josh Sitton deserves to go hes been our best offensive player all year and most consistent.and I think Rodgers doesn't deserve to go either