Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Ten (Fifteen) Commandments

I came up with a list, along with Colleen at Pocket Doppler (@foundinidaho on twitter), among others on twitter with the 10, well really 15 commandments of Packers fans
1. Thou shalt not cheer for the Vikings or Bears (or Lions!)
2. Thou shalt drinketh beer from thine holy land
3. Thou shalt love thy packers as thine family
4. Thou shalt not Favre (thou shalt not texteth thy schlong to women, thou shalt not be a douche)
5. Honor thy Ted, Mike and Vince
6. Thou shalt not covet thy bears or vikings fans (see commandment #1)
7. Thou shalt do the raji (see the Teach me how to Raji video)
8. Thou shalt make at least one pilgrimage to holy Lambeau
9. Thine women must love at least one player on thine team
10. Thou shalt respect old vets and love as thine father (see commandment #3)
11. Thou shalt do the matthews sack dance
12. Thou shalt do title belt after extraordinary feat (good grade, promotion, scoring hot woman)
13. Thou shalt wear title belt with pride
14. Thou shalt be up to date on Packers ie cheeseheadtv, JSonline,, GB-PG,etc
15. Thou shalt knoweth thy packers lore if thine were at thy game. ie ice bowl, snow bowl, mud bowl, 2010 NFC championship

Honorable Mentions
16. Thou shalt not waste alcohol (see Commandment #2)
17. Thou shalt not bitch about cold weather
18. Thou shalt do the lambeau leap
19. Thou shalt bleed green and gold
20. Thou shalt knoweth previous players (at least 1 or 2) from 1920's to 1980's

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