Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Please Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Well I guess I should introduce myself. I'm Mark and I'm a diehard Packer fan living in the heart of Viking country. Now you’re probably asking yourself why are you a I Packer fan in Minnesota well when I was little the Packers were always on and my dad’s from Wisconsin I just fell in love with the packers. Believe it or not my favorite players growing up were Reggie White and LeRoy Butler. I’m 21, I will go to Minnesota State University-Mankato (the same college where Vikings training camp is). So anyways, I got into blogging because as an assignment for my intro to broadcasting class, we had to get ideas for an internet site and mine was a sports blog. I have read blogs by the fine people at Cheeseheadtv among others (Ol’ Bag of donuts, GPN, Jersey Al, the guys at PackerHQ, and CD at Tundra Vision just to name a few). I also love the Wisconsin Badgers and Chicago Blackhawks as well as the LA Lakers and Boston Red Sox (David Oritz is my favorite sox player and he’s a packer fan like you and me). I have been attacked as being a bandwagon but I am not a bandwagon.

I guess I was blessed to have grown up during the 1990s Packers team but I still know a ton about their history from DVDs I own.

Anyways I hope you enjoy my posts of randomness, humor and seriousness, sometimes reference to song lyrics, and of course the team we love the Packers.

You can follow me on Twitter at http://twitter.com/24markymark21

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