Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Predictions the Rest of the Way

The Packers are currently 6-3 tied with Chicago for the division lead, however Chicago has the tiebreak. I believe the Bears will fade away, giving the Packers a opportunity to grab the division. Gren bay or Chicago will win the division at 13-3 the loser could get the wild card or .

Week 11 (11/21)- @Minnesota: the Vikings will play this game like its their super bowl, unfortunately Green Bay will too I think Green Bay wins this game and I expect Favre to have a repeat game from the previous week. Green Bay is also healthier than when these last two teams met in week 7. Green Bay is also coming of a Bye week. Sidney Rice,Bernard Berrian, and Percy Harvin are coping with injuries so I expect Green Bay’s DBs to take advantage of the potential starters of Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett, and Greg Camarillo. If Rice plays expect Tramon Williams to cover him and try to shut him down. Packers win 28-17.

Week 12 (11/28)- @Atlanta this game could determine the top 2 seeds in the NFC playoffs. Green Bay has a much better secondary than Baltimore. If Green Bay shuts down Roddy White, they win. I think they do stop Roddy White and make Matt Ryan make bad throws. Packers win a close one here 27-24.

Week 13 (12/5) San Francisco- the 49ers are improving but I can’t see them beating Green Bay in December. Green Bay’s running game gets going and they stop the Niners running attack. This could be a trap game and Troy Smith is doing well but the Packers D forces Smith to turn the ball over. Packers win big 38-10.

Week 14 (12/12) @Detroit- Detroit is much improved but I really can’t see them winning here Green Bay also stops the Lions offense. Packers improve to 10-3 with a 31-21 win.

Week 15 (12/19) @New England I think this game will be high scoring but the Pats defense is questionable at times this is going be a close game but Green Bay squeaks it out 38-35 to improve to 11-3. I expect the Pats to be playing somewhere between the Browns and Steelers game.

Week 16 (12/26) New York Giants- the only thing Packer fans want for Christmas is a division championship and Home Field advantage. They get both here after the bears lose to fall to 9-6. Packers improve to 12-3, winning 28-21.

Week 17 (1/2) Chicago this is always big game I think Green Bay finishes the Regular season at 13-3. Green Bay forces several Culter interceptions and fumbles. Packers win here 31-14. The Bears still you know…SUCK. Green Bay wins the #1 seed because of the dead to head with the Falcons in week 12 and beating the Eagles in Week 1.


  1. I love the optimism. :)

  2. Yeah I was really torn on the NE and Atlanta games those two we could lose but I'm optimistic we won't.

  3. Those are the 2 loses that I have the Packers having.
    -Atlanta is playing some really good football and we need to contain Roddy White. If we can do that, then I feel we have a great chance of winning the ball game. Michael Turner doesnt scare me that much because we have a great run defense IMO and we can contain him. He is not a threat out of the back field so thats another thing that has killed the Packers is the Running Back catching and going. I truly believe that we will lose this game, not by much, but we will lose. 24-20
    -Patriots are coming off the best performance of the year. They beat up the Steelers who some said have the top defense in the league. They made it look like swiss cheese. If Brady can do that with them, just think what he could do with ours! Their running game doesn't scare me, but down in the goal line, Green-Ellis is good for a score. Thats where I can see the Pats using the screen game, which the Packers dont defend against. This game will really be a shoot out, but in the end I see the Pats taking it 31-24.