Friday, January 28, 2011

How to Beat the Steelers...and the blueprint the Patriots provided

A few days (or hours) after the Packers and Steelers I was watching ESPN and they were talking about how to beat the Steelers and went back to the meeting in Week 10 between the Patriots and Steelers. The Patriots put 39 points on the top-ranked scoring defense. How did the Pats do it? Simple had a balanced attack of run and pass and spread the field. You know who's good at spreading the field? The Packers. The Patriots also had over 100 yards rushing in the game against the #1 Rushing defense in the NFL. I believe the Packers can win this game by getting to Big Ben and bring him down, spreading the Steelers D and running the ball but sometimes things are better said than done.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New OT (Playoffs Only) Rules

As most of us know starting this weekend there will be new overtime rules for the postseason. I will give the Packers-Eagles game as an refresher of the rules:
The Packers win the toss recieve and kick a field goal the game is NOT over unless the Packers stop the Eagles. the Packers score a touchdown, the game is over. The Packers punt or turn the ball over (such as fumbling the kickoff) Eagles kick a field goal the game is over. If both teams kick a field goal or fail to score the game becomes sudden death. A safety wins the game. An Onside kick recovered by the kicking team does mean the game is over if the team kicks a FG.

Hope this clarifies the rule.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010 Packers that will not be back

(Note: this list does include players on IR)

LB Nick Barnett: as much as I love him on twitter, he is injured far too often look for Ted to try and trade him for picks in the draft. Plus with the recent signing of Desmond Bishop i think he goes and Hawk stays.
WR James Jones: Jones is too inconsistent and I am uncomfortable having him as a possible replacement for Driver. Jones is a Free Agent after the year so if he wants to start (which he is fully capable of) he will walk and sign elsewhere maybe St. Louis.
S Atari Bigby: Bigby, like Barnett is injured far too often and hasn't been any where near his 2007 self he goes and the Packers choose to keep Peprah to backup Morgan Burnett.
Coach Shawn Slocum: The special teams play last week against the Bears was good but over the course of the year it has been atroicous look for Slocum to be fired after the season.