Monday, March 28, 2011

Mock Draft Rounds 4-7

Round 4 (a) Edmund Gates WR Abilene Christian this may be a good pick in round 3 at 96 but if Gates lasts this long Green Bay will snatch him up. Other options are WR Lester Jean from Florida Atlantic WR Jermey Kerley from TCU. I wouldn't be surprised if Ted trades this pick to get higher and maybe nab Gates before the NFC North Rivals do. Ted may trad Chillar to someone.
Round 4 (b) (compensatory pick for DE Aaron Kampman) The only pick the Packers cannot trade away I wouldn't be shocked if the Packers draft a TE here or a LB like much of this draft BPA here. maybe Joe Lefeged, FS/SS/KR from Rutgers which will provide a returner and some depth at safety.
Round 5: Greg McElroy QB Alabama, drafting McElroy may be a smart choice because he could be a good QB to develop if/when/once Matt Flynn leaves town.
Round 6: I don't know who Ted drafts here but i wouldn't be shocked if he takes a DB here like SDSU's (South Dakota not San Diego) Cole Brodie, killing two birds with 1 stone DB depth and a KR. I wouldnt be shocked if Ted goes Guard or DE either.
Round 7 (a) (from Carolina for LS J.J. Jansen) Zach Pianalto TE, UNC Green Bay has 3 TEs (4 with Havner but he'll be cut) a little depth won't hurt especially if #88 goes down again. was hurt in october but has experience in a pro-style offense and is a good blocker.
Round 7 (b): Isaac Odim RB Minnesota Duluth, The Packers don't need a RB (well kinda) but a running back like Odim may be a steal here he can return kicks and may be a nice spell for Starks if Ryan Grant chooses to leave Green Bay after next season. More than likely Odim will go undrafted but I like him here. BPA will be the choice here.

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